Driving Instructions

Miseni Retreat is in the Gongo forest, south-west of the Saadani National Park, on the coastal area of Tanzania. From Dar es Salaam you can drive two ways to the eco-lodge, both past Bagamoyo coastal town.


The shortest route is 125 kms long from Dar es Salaam. Turn left before Bagamoyo and then right at Makurunge village following the sign “Saadani National Park”.


After 33 kms on a tricky gravel road you arrive to Gama village. Turn left, cross the Wami river bridge and enter Saadani National Park (obligatory TANAPA fees).

At the German water tank (point 1910) turn left towards Matipwili and proceed to Gongo village. 19 km from 1910 look for the Miseni road on the left. 

The second route is 189 kms from Mikocheni but doesn’t imply National Park fees.

From Bagamoyo continue to Msata, turn right towards Arusha and follow the Saadani N.P. sign at Mandera, drive past Miono and Mkange villages and turn right towards Zaraninge forest.

Drive through Gongo village and after 3 kms look for the Miseni road on the right.


DAR ES SALAAM                                   0 km ⇑ start
BAGAMOYO ROUND ABOUT         58 km ⇐ turn left
MAKURUNGE                                      71 km ⇒ turn right
WAMI BRIDGE/TANAPA                104 km ⇐ turn left
1910 JUNCTION                              106 km ⇐ turn left
MATIPWILI                                        114 km ⇑ proceed
MISENI ROAD                                  125 km ⇐ turn left
WELCOME TO MISENI!                 126 km ⊗ just arrived !


DAR ES SALAAM                                 0 km ⇑ start
BAGAMOYO ROUND ABOUT      58 km ⇐ turn left 
MSATA                                              122 km ⇒ turn right
MANDERA                                      135 km ⇒ turn right
MIONO                                            150 km ⇑ proceed
MKANGE JUNCTION                   168 km ⇒ turn right
GONGO                                           186 km ⇑ proceed
MISENI ROAD                                189 km ⇒ turn right
WELCOME TO MISENI!               190 km ⊗ just arrived !

Starting point: Shoppers Plaza, Mikocheni, Dar es Salaam
For any further information or in case of emergency please call +255 621 555 678


The roads to Miseni Retreat
Utulivu banda


Stay in a safari tent or in an airy wooden banda?

Curious Colobus monkey very close to the restaurant