Our environmental principles

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Environmental Principles

Miseni Retreat has been conceived and designed to be eco-friendly and green and most importantly with almost zero impact to the surrounding environment. To achieve this, our community lodge and campsite relies on the following environmental principles:


  • Harvesting and smart use of rain water
  • Use of composte toilets
  • 100% solar powered lighting and refrigeration
  • Use of local organic food
  • Minimum use of plastic, glass and paper
  • Return of plastic, glass and paper to Dar es Salaam for Recycling
  • Gas cooking
  • Use of organic soaps & detergents
  • No tree cutting
  • No hunting and fishing
  • No domesticated pets
  • Use of scrap wood and sustainable briquettes for fire wood
  • Walking on beaten paths 

“Our aim is to live in agreement with Nature”

– stoic philosopher –